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Greetings and Welcome

About the conference

The International Accreditation Conference’s accreditation activities enhance the sustainable partnership with the relevant bodies of the UN member states to serve the GCC’s interests and to strengthen the use of the international accredited quality infrastructure to achieve the developmental economical strategic goal...

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  • Increase local content and support the national industry for integration between the small and medium enterprises, the government entities and big business.
  • Support the industrial innovation, achieve an economic diversity and paying attention to the trans formative and technical industries.
  • Reduce waste and losses resulting from the use of products and insecure services.
  • Enhance the governmental performance to strengthen the GCC’s image and to improve internationally its development in competitive and developmental indicators.
  • Enhance the GCC’s national industry quality to improve its image and its access within the global markets.
Greetings and Welcome

Conference Objectives

  • Transfer and localize practical experience and professional knowledge in the field of quality by creating the opportunity for communication between international experts and human cadres targeted in the GCC countries.
  • Enhancing investment in improving the efficiency of the quality infrastructure by showing the importance of dependence and economic benefits at the level of the Gulf States.
  • invest in the technical and professional knowledge available in the Gulf States by preparing them for advanced levels in the fields of technical evaluation.
  • Clarifying and clarifying the most important obstacles and challenges facing conformity assessment bodies in Gulf countries and the best solutions that can be invested to enhance the effciency of infrastructure to serve the national economy.
  • Clarifying the international requirements in different accreditation areas and the future trends which required to be implemented to insure the effciency of conformity reform authorities, thus Confirming trust in the outputs.
Greetings and Welcome

Conference Objectives

  • GCC Regulatory and Legislative Government Entities.
  • Standards organizations of GCC.
  • GCC academic and research entities.
  • Supervisory authorities food control and consumer products.
  • GCC Customs.
  • GCC Administrations of Civil Defense.
  • Testing and calibration laboratories and medical laboratories of governmental and private sectors.
Greetings and Welcome

Conference Language

Working papers of the conference would be in ENGLISH & ARABIC, in addition to providing simultaneous interpretation during the conference.