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GCC conference schedule

The International Accreditation Conference’s accreditation activities enhance the sustainable partnership with the relevant bodies of the UN member states to serve the GCC’s interests and to strengthen the use of the international accredited quality infrastructure to achieve the developmental economical strategic goals and desired benefits


First Day Schedule

19 March 2019

Holy Koran. Video about the Center.

Speech of His Excellency Engineer/ Ahmed M. Al-Mutairi, General Manager of GCC Accreditation Center.

Speech by His Excellency Mr. Zayed bin Rashid Al-Zayani, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

Key Lecture: Role of Accreditation towards sustainable development– IAF Chair.

Sponsor Ceremony and Group Photo.


Overview on the GCC economic visions and the role of the Economic and development Aairs Commission (EDAC) in supporting the complementarity of the member countries in order to achieve the GCC Economic Union

Goals and Initiatives of Bahrain Economic Vision 2030

Accreditation, its influence on economic visions and competitiveness indexes in the member countries.

Questions and discussions.

Break - Dhuhr Prayer

Legislation, law and GCC decision to facilitate the trade exchange among Gulf countries.

Notification System supporting the application of the GCC Standards and technical regulations.

Challenges faced by commerce and industry sectors in GCC.

Questions and discussions.

First Day End / Lunch.

Second Day Schedule

20 March 2019

Experiences of the national market surveillance authorities in ensuring product safety.

Products’ safety regulations and its role in clarifying legal liability on producer, importer and distributer.

The economic effect of activating integrity between governmental sectors and sides of accredited conformity reform.

Questions and discussions.


The Role of conformity assessment activities in supporting access to the international markets.

Accredited conformity Assessment services guarantee the efficiency of supply chains.

Accredited laboratories role in leading innovation and creativity in industry.

Questions and discussions.

Break - Dhuhr Prayer

Proving the eciency of SME achieve complementarity with major economic enterprises.

Integration between the academic sector and business sector to develop GCC competencies in areas of quality & excellence.

Proving the efficiency of the local content contributes in achieving sustainment in some important sectors.

Questions and discussions.

Second Day End / Lunch.